Geneticist, Pig Breeding/Senior Genomic Breeder

Danish Pig Genetics P/S

Danish Pig Genetics P/S

Danish Pig Genetics is established in 2018 and is in rapid global development. The company’s owners have 100 years of professional pig breeding experience combined with world-class genetic expertise. Danish Pig Genetics is a strong breeding company in the global pig production market, established by 25 of Denmark’s most experienced growers, multipliers, and traders.

The company’s breeding programme is the only one in Denmark to be 100% PRRS negative. With 36,000 pure-bred breeding lakes, high health status and breeding animals with the highest genetic value, the genetic foundation is in place. Danish Pig Genetics collaborates with some of the world’s most talented geneticists at Roslin Technologies on the ambitious breeding programme.


Geneticist, Pig Breeding/Senior Genomic Breeder to Danish Pig Genetics P/S

Do you want to develop the genetics of future pigs in an extrovert role? This is a unique opportunity to become a key figure in a strong genetic development team behind a Danish commercial growth adventure.

As a geneticist, your key tasks will be to contribute to the ongoing genetic development of populations through the operation and development of routine genomic evaluation system, developing novel statistical methods for implementation into routine genetic evaluation system, contribute to R&D activities, including collaboration with leading universities and collaborators in the field. You must also communicate your insights to customers and in cooperation with the team implement genetic programmes on the farms.

Your background is a PhD-level education in animal breeding/genetics. Maybe you are doing your PhD or want to get started. You have significant practical experience in animal breeding/genetics, like pig breeding, just as you have experience with quantitative genetic data analysis. You also have experience in communicating about breeding/genetics for agriculture. A background in agriculture would be an advantage.

You are a commercial person, with people skills and an outgoing team player who likes to join customers and have professional relationships around the world. You work independently and systematically and have a sharp analytical sense and a good overview.

You are offered a unique opportunity in a company in rapid development and with great degrees of freedom. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated. You will have the opportunity to influence things directly, just as there will be interesting career prospects in the long-term. Pay and conditions of employment are at a competitive level.

If you have any questions about the position, please feel free to contact Partner/Co-Owner Preben C. Toft on telephone +45 20 90 39 77.

Please note that we simply need your CV when you apply for the position. Your inquiry is treated confidentially and will not be disclosed without your consent.

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