Hansen Toft A/S Privacy Policy (GDPR)

Your information are in safe hands

We have internal procedures of information security, which ensures your personal information are well secured with us. Furthermore, we make sure the personal information is stored and processed in accordance with the data protection law and GDPR.

We collect personal information:

Hansen Toft A/S collects and processes personal information:

  1. On candidates
  2. With sales and marketing to potential clients
  3. When delivering to clients
  4. When visiting our website
  5. When signing up for our newsletter / job agent
  6. With internal employee administration of the employees at Hansen Toft A/S.

Contact information

Company: Hansen Toft A/S

Address: Hasselager Centervej 1, 8260 Viby J

VAT-nr.: 26032385

Phone nr.: 7025 0407

Mail: mail@hansentoft.dk

Website: www.hansentoft.dk

The purpose of processing your personal information

Candidates: When we collect personal information on candidates, it is with the goal of assessing the match of the candidate and our client. The processing is based on article 6, part 1 in GDPR.:

  • Consent (litra a)

Sales and marketing: When we collect personal information of potential clients, it is with the purpose of running and securing our business by growing our sales. The processing is based on article 6, part 1 in GDPR:

  • Consent (litra a)
  • Legitimate interest (litra f)

Clients: When we collect personal information from clients, it is with the purpose of delivering our services with a high quality to our clients. The processing is based on article 6, part 1 in GDPR:

  • Fulfilling of contract (litra b)
  • Legitimate interest (litra f)

Visits on our website: When we collect personal information of visits on our website, it is with the purpose of selling our services based on the interest shown by visiting our website. The processing is based on article 6, part 1 in GDPR:

  • Consent (litra a)

Sign-ups for out newsletter / job agent:

The processing is based on article 6, part 1 in GDPR:

  • Consent (litra a)

Employees in Hansen Toft A/S: When collecting personal information on our employees, it is with the purpose of administrating the contract and be able to manage. The personal information is stores securely and confidentially. Furthermore, our employees get information of our collecting and processing of the personal information and they sign a declaration to the activities, where a declaration is necessary.

The processing is based on article 6, part 1 in GDPR, litra a and article 9, part 1, litra b.

  • Consent (litra a)
  • Meeting the contract obligations (litra b)

Categories of personal information

  • Personal information of our candidates includes normal personal information (name, e-mail, number), information of current and former terms of employments (information on resume). Furthermore, it can contain salary information, reference forms and information collected from personality and skill tests. No information is stored without the consent of the candidate.
  • When delivering to clients we collect normal information (contact information, payment information)
  • When visiting our website, we collect personal information from cookies.

Cookie and privacy policy

We place cookies on your computer. We do this in order to create the best product for you as a visitor.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a minor text file which is saved at your computer or your mobile phone when you visit a website. The cookie makes it possible for the website to remember what you have been doing at the site and which choices you have made when it comes to login, language and other adjustments. Your actions will be saved for a certain period and this makes sure that you do not have to make the adjustments every time you visit the site.

How do we make use of cookies?

The cookies from our website are being used to:

  • Collect statistical data for visits at our website (Google Analytics)

We do not use the data to identify you personally and we are in full control of our data schemes. Our cookies are not used to any other purposes than the ones we have described on this page.

How are you in control of your cookies?

You can check the cookies that are saved at your computer and erase them if you want. Get more information at aboutcookies.org. You have the possibility to erase all cookies at your computer and you can also adjust most browsers so that they block cookies. If you choose to block cookies, you must be aware that you have to adjust your settings manually every time you visit a website and some services may not work.

Receivers or categories of receivers

We do not hand over personal information to anyone. We do deliver personal information to public instance if we are obligated to. Furthermore, we may hand over some personal information to our accountants or external advisors. External advisors sign a confidential declaration. Finally, we hand over information to our data processors and our sub processors.

Transfer to third countries

We do not transfer personal information to third countries.

Hvor do we collect information

The personal information is collected through our candidates, clients, potential clients, website visits and sign-ups for our newsletter / job agent.

Storage of information

We do not keep information longer than the necessary amount of time for the purpose.

Information on candidates we store as long as we have consent, though maximum 24 months.

Information on clients, we store as long as the contract is valid. Some of the information we store for 5 years after the contract expiration due to the law.

Information collected on our website we store as long as we have a valid consent from the cookie policy.

Information from our newsletter / job agent is stored as long as we have a valid consent.

Personal information of the employees of Hansen Toft like the employment contract and documentation of resigned employees is stored for 6 years.

Other information is erased, when the employment stops. In some matters we are obligated through law to keep information longer than the expiration of the employment.

Automatic decisions – profiling

We do not use profiling of our collected data.

You can withdraw your consent

If the foundation for our data processing is a consent, you can withdraw it and we will delete all your information.

You have the right to access your information and information on your employees

At any time you have the right to access the data stored on you, information on how it was collected and what your data is used for. You can be told for how long we keep your data and who recieves it.

If you request we can tell you which data is kept on you. The access is limited due to other people’s privacy.

You have the right to have incorrect information edited or deleted

If you believe we have incorrect information on you, you have the right to have them edited or deleted. You need to write to us and tell us which data is incorrect and where it is used.

We would be obligated to deleted your information if you withdraw your consent. If you no longer feel it is necessary for us to have your data, you can write to us and have it deleted.

We will edit or deleted your information as soon as possible.

You have the right to opposition our data processing of you or your employees

You have the right to opposition our data processing of you or your employees. You can also opposition our transfer of data to direct marketing.

The right to transmit information

In some circumstances you have the right to receive your data in a structured and readable format and have these transfered to you from us.