Moving People. Moving Business

We attract and select top candidates to key positions for our clients to increase  business results. Read more under Executive Search.

We analyze and develop business, leadership teams and managers to give our clients the opportunity of lifting manager performances where the effect is largest. Read more under Leadership Consulting.

Most Valued Business Partner

We are management consultants with a wide and deep understanding of business, organization and leadership.

We create value for our clients through constructive and challenging counselling within our competency areas – business, organization and leadership.

We help covering and defining needs and with finding and assessing concrete solutions. We take on tasks, if they are aligned with our core competencies. Otherwise, we won’t accept the assignment and kindly recommend someone else.

We emphasize a value-adding cooperation with our clients and partners.


It is important to understand the current business situation with respect for the history of the company and the individuals. Furthermore, we have a fundamental belief, that people try their best.


We say what we mean. Even when it’s unpleasant. We feel committed to challenging our client’s thinking and actions to make better results. Constructively and with good ethics.


We are ambitious – for both ourselves and our clients. We emphasize the utility our clients experience – both in the process and with the results. We do what we say – and we keep our promises.

Growing business

Hansen Toft A/S was founded in 2001 in Aarhus. T company now has offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Kolding.

Hansen Toft has been characterised by solid growth and black bottom line figures in all the years since our start-up. The company is owned by 10 partners who are all active in the company.

Hansen Toft consists of consultants with many years of experience within Management Consulting and Business Development, including Executive Search and Leadership Consulting.


Our Research Centre specialises in attracting managers and key figures through a broad spectre of relevant channels and methods.

Our secretariat and accounting function tie the ends together – as well as our dialogue with our clients and business partners.

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