Newly appointed managers who come onboard quickly and who start performing at a high level in their position and in the company from the beginning pay off.

The aim of Hansen Toft’s Onboarding programme is to accelerate and strengthen a new manager’s performance in his/her job and in the company – with focus on the first 100 days.

Our experience from thousands of recruitments on management level has proven to us that a goal-oriented onboarding process can accelerate and strengthen a new manager’s performance significantly. An added bonus is the benefit of the significant reduction of the insecurity which is often found in that first period of a new appointment.

We raise the bar, define the goals for the first 100 days and focus on the elements which can ensure that the manager experiences a quick and powerful “breakthrough” in his/her job.

We support the new manager through focused coaching and sparring. We focus on the manager’s ability to set the course, execute, create smooth cooperation relations and release energy within the organisation.

Onboarding is a natural continuation of a successful hiring process, not the least on management level. Find more information about Executive Search & Selection here.

Our Onboarding programme derives e.g. from our skills and experience stemming from our manager development programme. Find more information about Manager Development here.

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