The key to a successful employment is in the quality and the effort being generated in each phase of a streamlined and thoroughly tested hiring process.

Our clients seek high quality in the hiring processes and several qualified candidates to choose from – every time. That suits us well because we know that marginal differences can make the difference.

We always search for the best candidate in the field – not the easiest or the fastest. We work thoroughly and professionally in each and every process and procedure. We work with 4 main stages.

Job analysis

We take a close look at the job and the company. We interview key figures, analyse relevant documents and establish specific performance requirements and expectations and also management, business and cultural conditions relevant to the position. We challenge to sharpen the job profile.


We focus our attention on the target group and turn the handles that need to be turned in order to get relevant candidates to speak. Our Research Centre works with classic headhunting but is also specialised in other relevant attraction methods, including CV databases and advertising – online and in print.


We interview and screen the candidates – and groom them for the job and company. The candidates with the best match are being presented to our client – usually between 3-5. The front runners in this field are being selected to in-depth interviews and personality analyses where nuanced test tools and carefully selected references are being integrated in the process. The process is concluded with a job interview.


We see the recruitment through via follow-up in the induction programme. We talk to both parties and ensure that the recruitment lives up to the expectations, among these that the wanted results are being created. In our On-Board process, we accelerate the induction with focus on the first 100 days on the job. The goal is to get the candidate to a high performance level much faster than usual. Find more information about our On-Board process here.

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