We offer the best employment guarantee on the market to our clients – 2 years.

We secure our solutions and assume considerable co-responsibility to ensure that our candidate experiences success in the position and company.

We can do that because our accuracy is extremely high. It is based on insight in our clients’ business, quality in our hiring processes and high professional qualifications among our consultants and researchers.

The guarantee becomes effective if the candidate recommended is being dismissed or resigns.

The guarantee is valid for 2 years. No fee is paid the first year. 50 per cent of the original fee is paid the second year. Direct costs are invoiced the usual way.

The guarantee is subject to the condition that Hansen Toft A/S participates in the follow-up interviews and that the termination of employment cannot be related to significant changes in the job content or performance conditions.

Besides our guarantee, Hansen Toft has an off-limit policy. Our present off-limit policy states that we after completion of a Search & Selection process bind ourselves for a  period of two years (from the employment commencement) not to search (actively contact) managers/employees at our customers.  If a manager/employee applies him-/herself, our off-limit policy will not apply.


Two years guarantee
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