There is money in managers who rise to the occasion – quickly! Development of a manager’s performance can both be accelerated and strengthened.

When the success criteria are changing, the manager is the one to develop the fastest. Time becomes a critical factor and it might be relevant to focus and accelerate the manager’s development.

Hansen Toft’s program one-to-one Manager Development is based on the performance improvement the manager is to achieve and the business critical tasks to be solved while the manager is developing.

We create a quite unique Return-on-Investment for our clients, simply because the managers’ development is being accelerated and strengthened while they maintain their primary tasks on the job.

We raise the bar for the manager’s performance and add focus on those business critical and personal factors which are to secure the necessary “breakthrough” for the manager. Results are created on the job – not in the classroom.

We coach the manager with focus on the manager’s critical management skills – the ability to set the course, execute, create successful cooperation relations and free energy within the organisation.

One-to-one manager development is a process of typically 4-6 months with coaching meetings every two to three weeks. The manager’s immediate manager will be involved in the start-up and in the end.

One-to-one Manager Development is also an integrated part of our Manager Development programmes which typically involve the executive board or management team. Find more information about our Manager Development programmes here.

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