We use the management performance in the executive management team as a catalyst for the improvement in the top and bottom lines which is being aimed for in the company. The results are remarkable.

Hansen Toft’s Management Development programme finds its starting point in the project of change which is to create business “breakthroughs” in the company – with focus on the top and bottom lines.

The breakthrough project is so ambitious that it cannot be realised simply by doing more of the same. Innovation is necessary – both in the business area and in the management area. The project works with goals and subsidiary goals in 3 interrelated levels: The business, the management team and each individual manager in the team.

We tailor the process considering the business critical goals that need lifting. As an integrated part of the process, we work with development of the executive board/management team and each manager so that they can reach their goals.

We always calculate Return on Investment (ROI) on our projects. ROI typically lets the company get its money back between 5-10 times, however, we can also mention examples where our clients get their money back up to 20 times. The ROI calculations are always calculated together with – and approved by – our clients.

Before we tailor the process, we ask our clients questions such as: Which business goals are to be achieved? What will it take from the management team and each manager? How can we ensure that the managers and the management team succeed? How will we measure if the process has been a success (ROI)?

The project is divided in subprojects, and individual breakthrough projects are being defined for each participating manager. The success of the project as a whole depends on the success of the individual projects. Relevant management tools and methods are being embedded simultaneously and are linked directly to the central breakthrough projects in the process.

The process typically runs over a period of 6-12 months and is a combination of workshops and individual sessions with coaching and business sparring as the focal point. The individual manager development is integrated in the process but is also a separate service at Hansen Toft. You can find more information about one-to-one Manager Development here.

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