Every executive might find him-/herself in need of a new direction some time during his/her career. This will involve the need for confidential sparring, the best coaching methods and access to the executive job market.

Hansen Toft’s Executive Outplacement programme is tailored to managers who want a focused and goal-oriented search process to find him-/herself back in a position matching his/her ambitions.

We make thorough use of our intimate knowledge of the job market, our skills as sparring partners for executives in many companies and our specialty within manager development and coaching. We possess specifically excellent conditions to help managers move on in their careers.

In the first part of the process, we take a close look at skills, track record, level of ambition and personality. The goal is to sharpen focus. We challenge but listen before we contribute.

Later on in the process we pay close attention to relevant opportunities in the job market, including specific jobs and relevant networks. We jointly prepare a focused plan and put it to work. The application process, network meetings, job interviews etc. are being continuously initiated, evaluated and sharpened.

The process typically stretches over a period of 3-6 months but is in practice and with no time limit. We watch from the sidelines until the manager is back in employment. The process is tailored for the individual’s needs and situation.

We also have an Executive Coaching & Sparring programme finding its basis in the issues that weigh the most on a normal day, including the business, the management role or the career. You can find more information about Executive Coaching & Sparring here.

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