All executives sometimes need a new focus on the issues that weigh the most on a normal day – the business, the management role or maybe the career.

As coaches and sparring partners for executives, our job is to offer new approaches to the specific challenges that the manager is facing.

We might arrange meetings over a limited period, either regular quarterly meetings or regular biannual meetings or on an ongoing basis – as an integrated part of the cooperation – concurrent with other assignments.

The focal point is the executive’s need in the specific situation. The added bonus is that the constant learning and development process is being strengthened and accelerated.

An Executive Coaching & Sparring process typically takes between 6-12 months with meetings every second to fourth week. We keep our focus on business, strategy and management performance.

Our role as coaches and sparring partners for executives is closely interrelated with other parts of our business. Find more information on e.g. Strategy Development or Organisational Development here.

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