The development of a company is defined by the decisions made by the board. The right key persons on the board strengthen the decision-making authority of the company.

Appointment of directors is a strategic task contributing to determining the success of the company. With the right key persons on the board, the company can strengthen its decision-making ability as well as its decision-making power. This might be the key to creating improved business results.

Appointment of directors is an integrated part of Hansen Toft’s Executive Search & Selection programme. We form boards which can set the right course for the company and ensure that the necessary initiatives for change are taken and carried through in close interaction with the ownership and the management. The good results will follow.

Our accuracy is exceptionally high. We believe this can be attributed to our approach as management consultants where insight in business, organisational and management issues is naturally integrated in our hiring processes. Find more information about Management Consulting here.

Our processes are thoroughly tested and our consultants are among the most qualified and experienced consultants in the field. Find more information about our Search & Selection process here.

Our high accuracy means that we can offer the best employment guarantee on the market to our clients. Find more information about our 2-year employment guarantee here.

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