The primary task of any organisation is to execute the company strategy and to create results that move the business.

Organisational development is therefore relevant when a company changes its strategy or when it is unsuccessful in executing the existing strategy satisfactorily and in creating the desired results.

Hansen Toft’s Organisational Development programme tailors each process to the specific situation considering the business, organisational and human change.

Our starting point is the company’s structure, core processes and support processes. Systems and focus influence behaviour, and behaviour creates results. The goal is to trim and streamline the business critical processes to make them accurately reflect what the company seeks to achieve in the market.

Our management consultants switch between roles as catalysts, sparring partners and coaches – for the management team as a whole and for each participant as needed. The processes are always implemented in close cooperation with the CEO and the management team of the company.

Organisational development can also be about developing management performance and with that manager development. Find more information about manager development here.

Organisational development can also be about adding new personalities and skills to the organisation. Find more information about Executive Search & Selection here.

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