The starting point for Hansen Toft’s Management Assessment programme is the board of director’s performance requirements to the executive board/management team.

Management Assessment requires a deep level of understanding for the company’s business and organisational issues – combined with similar insight into the management team’s personalities, skills and drives.

The goal is to create a high-performance management team capable of developing – not the least executing and realising – strategy and targets.

It is partly about the right composition of the team and partly about lifting the team’s performance in business critical areas.

We take a close look at the link between strategy and goal and the performance requirements to the management team, the individual managers and the organisation.

We take a close look at the management team’s ability to set the course, execute, create smooth cooperation relations and free energy within the organisation.

We take a close look at the individual managers and their respective responsibilities, including each manager’s personality and potential compared to the performance requirements they are facing.

We present relevant conclusions with specific, well-founded recommendations to the composition of the management team and development potential, directly linked to the owners’/board of directors’ expectations and performance requirements.

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