• Executive

    Enhver styrkelse af en organisation på toplederniveau er en mulighed for at udvikle forretning.
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  • Search & Selection

    Recruitment should move a company forward. This is best achieved using high quality recruitment processes, and having a pool of highly qualified applicants to choose from – every time.

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  • Manager development

    Improving a company’s top and bottom line requires an executive team that can deliver superior performance in business-critical areas. As the whole managerial team and individually with regard to their respective areas of responsibility.

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  • Consulting

    We implement change processes, which help our customers to grow faster, work smarter and create extraordinary results. By deeply integrating these changes in the managerial team, the results are made permanent.

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We implement change processes to help our clients grow faster, work smarter and create extraordinary results.

The underlying basis is our clients’ business and their wish to strengthen it. We tailor all change processes to the business critical goals that need lifting.

We work with Strategy Development and Strategy Execution – separately or integrated – and always in close interaction with the CEO and management team of the company. Read more about strategy development here.

We work with organisational development with the company’s structure, core processes and support processes as our starting point. Among other things, the aim is to trim and streamline the business critical processes to make them accurately reflect what the company seeks to achieve in the market.
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Deep integration in the management team contributes to making results permanent.  Development of the executive board/management team is an integral part of our change processes.
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We always calculate Return on Investment (ROI) on our projects. ROI typically lets the company get its money back between 5-10 times, however, we can also mention examples where our clients get their money back up to 20 times. The ROI calculations are always calculated together with – and approved by – our clients.

Our management consultants switch between roles as catalysts, sparring partners and coaches – for the management team as a whole and for each participant as needed.

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